Please Do It Yourself

by Häshcut

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released October 7, 2013

Häshcut : Xavier, Paul, Tiphaine & Raphaël.

Engineered by Antoine Quoniam, Assistant Engineer : Pierre Blin.
Recorded live at L'Orphelinat during 5 days in November 2012.
Mixed & Mastered At Amayé Studios.
Artwork, Designed by Camille Blanchemain.

In Loving Memory Of l'Orphelinat.

Release by Sieve & Sand Records, Guru Disques, Emergence Records, Dingleberry Records, Mexican Cut


all rights reserved



Häshcut Caen, France

Häshcut is a French four-piece PSYCHEDELICS band originating from Caen, Lower- Normandy.

They used to play Doom Music on their two first releases.

Their new record ГДЕ здесь стонердум?, is a reinterpretation of theirs previous albums with more dynamic less saturated but still with tension and electricity.
They like to say "We did a cover album of ourselves before someone else did it ."
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Track Name: Asanbosam
Vampires are so lucky, they can feed on others.

We gotta eat away at ourselves.
We gotta eat our legs to get the energy to walk.
We gotta come, so we can go.
We gotta suck ourselves off.
We gotta eat away at ourselves til nothing is left but appetite.

We give, we give, we give crazy.
Cause a gift that makes sense ain't worth it.
Jesus said seventy times seven.
But no one will ever understand why, why you did it.
They'll just forget about you tomorrow, but you gotta do it.
Jesus said seventy times seven.
Track Name: After Sales-Service
Who Knocked down me?
Who fuckin' Knocked down me?
But Why nobody doesn't help me?

Breathless, and alone on this cold ground.
Where are you driver?
I would all drop fucking dead.
I give it up so please, kill me fast, kill me soon as you can!
Why it's taking so long?
Do you understand? Are you?

I am alive, so close to my home.
Where are you driver? Do you understand? Are you?
I give it up so please, kill me fast, kill me soon as you can!
Track Name: PMA (a diy suicide)
Now I admit, I was a leech.
I had everything to succeed, I said I had no god.
I used to claim to be one of yours. Here I lied to everyone.
So I abused everybody. Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

But today something changed, the low escaped and colored shape cleaned.
Now, I'm like a black rat, my selfishness destroyed me.
All is over now... Still conscious with no dignity.
No dreams, no thoughts. Experienced nothing...
Just nothing times infinity. The proof, death is nothing.
The end is not the end? "Nothing is better than something lousy".
Why? 'Cause it makes no sense? Neiter heaven nor hell.

My soul is not gonna float out of my body and join some great unifying energy.
The fact that I am dying is not gonna change that but the End means the End.
Track Name: Tave
I need no friends
no girlfriends, no job,
no religion, no politics,
no tasty food,no one.

I need no clean clothes,
no football team, no savings,
no cars, no fancy things,
no washing machine,no goods.

I chose not to choose... Cause I've got TAVE!

I need no love,
no reason, no dreams,
no career, no life,
no thing, no, no...

I chose not to choose... Cause I've got TAVE!

I wake up every morning and I know what I'm gonna do today.

My Sweat burns my cold front head.
Red are my eyes that eat this screen.
My Arms go numb with you.

Oh, Tave, my Lord!
I can't live without you.
Oh, Tave, my Drug!
I will love you until death.
Track Name: Lime Scum Destruct
Burn Burn Burn lime scum! Locked into my own car.
Locked in by The Snow, this is the end for me.
Look into my rear mirror, the stone rain won't stop.
Burn Burn Burn lime scum...

Burn Burn Burn all these pigs, Napalm all these children.
My car is trapped, this is our last chance to fight these children.

I dreamt about a Revolution in progress.
All the churches are on fire, they killed some gods.
No more Pigs, blood flowing in the streets.
A new order has started, the master becomes the slave.

All the blood on the streets came from our throats.
Track Name: Tainted Wombs
Me, I've only fifteen but I'm a walking disaster.
Bring me back to reality, I don't want this life anymore.
Me, I live here with five guys that I don't know.
Blow, Crystal, Acid, I'm in deep fog.
I'm heavily indebted but I take another trip to make me forget.
Me, I am the whore who wants to return to the womb, and become nothing again.

Wombs are tainted.
No more love inside.
Why are we here?
We waste our soul.

We are the wasted youth.

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